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Ryan + Meg

I met Ryan, the groom, a few months ago in a holding room for a photo shoot in Nashville (he and I were both talent). I had Business Boutique by Christy Wright open in my lap when Ryan and I started chatting about what I was reading, and I gathered enough courage to tell him I was a photographer working on building my business.

He mentioned he and Meg, his bride, were getting married in a few months at a waterfall and that they were maybe just going to have his dad do their photos. I wasn't brave enough to give him a sales pitch right then and there, but after the shoot a light bulb went off in my head - "No dad (or mom, or other family member) should have to do photos on their kid's wedding day! He should be able to be present!"

So I e-mailed Ryan who then looped in Meg to talk details about what it would look like for me to come out to do their wedding in Altamont, TN. I was sold on two things: a waterfall wedding and the delightful AirB&B I found, "Little Tail Farms" (blog post on this delightful destination to come!).

I'm so thankful that Ryan and Meg entrusted me with capturing memories of their beautiful day. These two were sooo much fun and their friends and family were incredibly warm and welcoming. I felt like I had known them for a long time and it was a wonderful exciting adventure (you'll see why in the photos to come!).

The details in this wedding were so precious! This handkerchief was Meg's grandmother's.

Meg's dress was stunning...

The only thing more stunning was Meg in it!

The most adorable flower girl (and those boots tho...)

These guys were a HOOT and a half! They kept me laughing the whole time I was hanging with them!

The Bride and her beautiful entourage

There were about 50 brave guests of all ages who made the short but strenuous hike down to the waterfall

Once we got to the spiral staircase there was only one more staircase to go before the waterfall. Obviously you can tell by Meg's beaming smile she was very excited!

The couple had a lovely intimate ceremony surrounded by their loved ones...

The new Mr. & Mrs.

The adventure didn't stop there - Ryan decided to take a pretty big leap!

And they both made a pretty big splash.

Congrats on your one month anniversary and may you be blessed with many more wonderful memories as the journey continues, Ryan and Meg!

<3 amanda mae

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