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COVID-19 May Recap

Forgive me, I'm a little behind on sharing what I've been up to! It's hard to believe that we've been "staying at home" for nearly four months and yet in an odd way, the days have felt long but also, time flies!

I've definitely come to appreciate our community, neighbors, working from my front porch while I watch my birdfeeder, a less hectic schedule, and more intentional time with the few family and friends I choose to be around. And surprisingly, I've been quite busy behind the camera!

It's interesting how some would've considered photography a luxury - yet in a way it became a necessity in this season, to preserve memories of an unprecedented time which we are all still in together.

I've been taking a few more risks with my shots, exploring new locations, and have been feeling a little more inspired to get behind the camera, so I'm excited to share what I've worked on. It has been an honor to be invited into peoples' most cherished memories during this time - and my goal as a photographer is to give my clients a little piece of their own history that they, and future generations, will treasure.

May 2020

Liam + Michael

Loved getting to capture these adorable cousins and this stunning truck! This choice of edit seemed appropriate for such a classic vehicle. And don't these twos' smiles just make your heart melt?!

Jen + Sam

Jen and Sam had an unforgettable COVID wedding in beautiful Ellington Agricultural Center in Nashville, TN. All guests and attendees were very safe and respectful, and the most important thing - mission accomplished! Cheers, Mr. + Mrs. White!

Kayla's Kindergarten Graduation

My little friend, Kayla, didn't have a preschool ceremony (she's homeschooled). When she asked her mom, Roz, why she didn't get to have her picture taken in a cap and gown, we decided we needed to do something about that even if it was a year later! Isn't she the most beautiful grad?

More to come soon!

<3 amanda mae

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