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Fall 2018 Big Saturday (PART 2) - 11.4.18

Whew - where has November gone?! I'm starting to lose track of the family sessions I've done and the sets I've been on at my "big girl job" - and I love it!

However, life is still life warts and all. There are good times and growing times to be had ("growing" is the nice way of saying tough - or even downright crappy if we're being honest here!) and this season is a pretty healthy mixture of both.

I'm thankful for the joy and healing that comes from being able to do what I love and spending time around lots of people (I am a true extrovert!), but I do admit I've had more of a need for some slow recharge time. I'm also learning that that's ok and that that can be a good thing. :)

Thanks for your patience - here are some of my favorites from my "Big Saturday" a couple weekends ago and I can't wait to get back at it this weekend

Fall may be my favorite season in the South - I just wish it lasted longer!

So fun to capture my good friends at their new home and neighborhood

Spending time with this sweet family made me both nostalgic and grateful for the family I grew up with

This is my buddy, Carlee, who reminds me a whole lot of me when I was little! So much energy!

The Bruenings originally had their session scheduled for Sunday when the weather was HORRIBLE. So glad they were able to make it out on Saturday when everything was absolutely perfect!

Nothing warms my heart like daddys and daughters

I can't believe how much this little guy has grown! I took their Christmas photos last year when he was barely two months old!

Sweet Riley was the best helper trying to make her baby brother laugh!

More to come soon! Thanks for stopping by.

<3 a-mae

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