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Germany: glücklich (happy)

It's been a week since I've been back from my mission trip to Germany and I still haven't fully processed all of the mixed emotions that go along with traveling - having to learn how to get along with a big group of people you don't know very well, taking in a new culture, trying to stay awake and aware of all of the beautiful sights, sounds and smells that surround you, and also having enough energy to do what we came to do - encourage, pray and serve.

I'm not quite ready for words at the moment but I did want to remember what things made an impression on me - things I'd like to dwell on for a while and explore a little more. Since "a picture is worth more than a thousand words" I'll keep my commentary simple and let the images do the talking.

I'm sure I'll have more words to come at some point when I'm ready. For now, I'll take you on a little trip through Germany this week and we'll start off easy; but just a heads up - we'll be exploring some darker places as well.

<3 amanda mae

My German birthday breakfast

My German birthday breakfast

Something in the air perhaps?

Something in the air

A new German friend


Kitty face

A furry angel

Cheesin' cherry

"Tips for new Birkenstocks and world peace"

Local life

World Cup on a b&w TV

Rainy day bubbles

Old, new and a sky so blue

An unusual gift - gum wrapper included (more on this later!)

Laughter - a universal language


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