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A Celebration of Family

This Memorial Day weekend, I had the honor of capturing an incredible family in what might be my new favorite photography spot in Nashville, Centennial Park. I have to confess, more often than not I settle for easy and familiar rather than venturing out into an unknown location where I don't have my safe go-tos. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE adventure, just not adventure under pressure; but these precious people were certainly the best exploring buddies and we had a BLAST!

Meet the Gills (Fun fact - Centennial park is where he proposed nearly 40 years ago!)

Of course it's easy to see where the girls got their beauty from...

...and certainly their humor and charisma!

Meet the adorable newlyweds, the "Pretzels", as they like to be called. :) (Don't worry that's not their real last name. Close though!) Young, gorgeous, and full of potential!

And then there's the Vazquez family, whom I absolutely adore. Their journey has been incredible to watch as they navigate life with supernatural grace in every situation - the good, the bad and the ugly - and come out shining, each time, even brighter than before.

IMHO (Mom, that's "in my humble opinion" in case you're reading this - actually, you may be the only one reading this LOL) the sweetest relationship is that of grandpa and grandson. And these two were definitely the epitome of love, fun, and friendship.

Speaking of friendship, you've probably already met Michael in one of my previous posts because I love him so much! I prayed and cheered hardcore for this sweet guy while he was still in utero as his fierce mama and one of my best friends, Jenny, stayed strong and faithful during some scary times. Thankfully he has developed into one strapping healthy boy, full of wonder and joy.

What a blessing it ended up being for me to spend time with this beautiful family. It's simple moments like these that make life worth celebrating!

<3 amanda mae

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