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Weekend Recap: 5.6.18

I love living in Franklin where there are distinct seasons, a huge contrast from growing up in San Francisco where (at least in our part of town) the season was basically year-round fog with a two week Indian summer if we were lucky.

Winter is always the hardest for me as I struggle to enjoy and be patient with the cold air and dead trees. Even though I know spring always comes after with the promise of new life, it's still a struggle - but it's also a sweet surprise every time and well worth the wait!

Although we seemed to have skipped spring this year and have gone straight to steamy, sticky, sunny days, with the weather getting warmer photography is finally in full swing! The last few weekends have been pretty idyllic and I have been so grateful to have had many opportunities to do what I love.

I had my first repeat client yesterday and I was so excited to meet them again under much more pleasant circumstances (it was freezing when we first met back in November for a holiday session)! I had a BLAST and I loved playing with these beautiful sisters.

We loved picking flowers and making dandelion wishes

This was what Bob Ross calls a "happy accident" - Kailan thought it was the funniest thing when she fell of the platform! Thankfully she was fine and obviously she was all smiles... :)

Thanks to the Southergill family for a wonderful time at the Park at Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin, TN!

<3 amanda mae

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