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The joy of discovery

The first time for anything can be pretty intimidating. I think it's more common than not to be reluctant when trying something new whether it's an exotic food, traveling to an unfamiliar country, parenting, or in this case, doing a maternity shoot.

Cristina and I were both new at this - pregnancy for her and her husband, Andy, and capturing it for me! I was obviously very nervous about it since I had never done it, but they were both so gracious and chill which definitely took some pressure off. I love them!

We had a ball on that sticky 80+ degree autumn afternoon hanging out and exploring Edwin Warner Park in Nashville. It was a blessing to have gorgeous golden lighting and I learned a lot from that day.

I'm also continually learning; last night I had a moment of inspiration that refused to let me go to bed so I obeyed, running into my "studio" (which right now is a small room half filled with bags that have needed to go to Goodwill for months, other miscellaneous household items that I have yet to put away, and my editing corner) to try a new technique I have known about for a long time but somehow keep forgetting to do.

My life has seriously been turned upside down (it's the little things for me ;) )! The risk of trying something new and failing is always intimidating and can be discouraging and I admit, for me, 99.9% of the time it takes several attempts. But it's completely worth it when things finally click and the result is more joy and inspiration.

Here are a few of the shots as they were "before" (how I edited them manually back in October), and "after" (how I edited them last night playing with my new preset, "Skyfall" (free download at

What's something you've been wanting to try for a long time but keep "forgetting" to?

Post your story below. I'd love to hear about it and cheer you on - this could be your week to do it!

Before (click to enlarge):


<3 amanda mae

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