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The fruit of a kind word

When Nick and I were searching for our wedding photographer nearly seven years ago, we met with several different candidates. One of the photographers was a guy also named Nick; we didn't end up going with him but funny enough, months after (my) Nick and I were married, we discovered Nick and his family were our neighbors in the same townhome community in Valencia, CA. Small world!

I often ran into Nick when I'd take Dino out running and we'd usually make small talk. I don't remember the full conversation we had one day but I do vividly remember one thing he said to me: "You'd be a great photographer. You definitely have the personality for it!"

Somehow he determined through our short interactions that I was capable of being a photographer, and it meant a lot to me because he himself was a legit photographer. Though I've already forgotten our old address in Valencia, Nick's words of encouragement have stuck with me, watering the seed of a dream buried deep within me which, little did I know at the time, would be germinating for years.

I am so thankful for the encouragement God sent through that neighbor who we'll probably never see again. It amazes me how creatively God sends His love and grace through "passers-by" in our lives.

Who's a neighbor near you who might need to hear a kind word today?

Who knows - It could truly change their life. ;)

<3 amanda mae

P.S. Speaking of personalities... These are some of my favorites (click to enlarge)!

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