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Fall 2018 Big Saturday (PART 1) - 11.4.18

Okay, newbie here - I had no idea how much work - and FUN - mini-sessions could be! I'm so glad I had a few breaks in between but I'll DEFINITELY be packing a lot more snacks next time. WHEW!

I am so grateful to live in a city where autumn is a "thing". However, stunning fall in Nashville is a bit short-lived. The six years we've lived here I've noticed a pattern - the trees change color overnight, a big storm comes along and blows/washes all the leaves away, and before we know it "winter" is here (I say winter in quotation marks because the last few Christmases I'm pretty sure I've worn a summer dress because it has been uncharacteristically warm. And actually, overnight is a bit of a hyperbole - I'd say fall color realistically lasts 2-3 weeks max).

Anyway, enough talk about the weather - scroll down to get a taste of what fall is like here in the South. It's pretty scrumptious! (Click to enlarge)

SIA AND CHRISTINE are some of our dearest friends here. While dad, Jonathan, was working my hubby, Nick, the three of us girls got to play! :)

THE HARTS were a HOOT! It didn't take long for all of them to warm up and I loved the kids' explosive energy!

Aren't THE WALLEYS the cutest?! Micheal is one of my favorite people at my "big girl job" and I was super stoked to spend time outside of the office getting to know him and his gorgeous wife, Anne Marie, better.

THE AGTARAPS were my last session of the day and baby Kai was a little sleepy when they first arrived. The photo on the right may be my favorite one from the whole day as we were all singing "Baby Shark" to cheer little Baby Kai up!

Also you might recognize Sophia from Ate's Nashville. Need your fill of Filipino food?

Alright, time to get back to more editing. Part 2 coming later this week!

<3 amanda mae

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